Whats next?

This is getting to the point of stupid! I found out today that my manager is telling everyone who will listen that I am jealous of her and gossiptrying to get her in trouble so I can get her job! I have done nothing of the kind. She also was told by someone, that I applied for this position and that is why I am trying to get her in trouble. I have tried to do what she has asked me, I have shown her the ropes and kept her hiney out of hot water on more than one occasion, I have done everything I can to make sure that she is successful in this office and now I am the bad guy? I did apply for this postion and if I had felt ready to do the job, she wouldn’t be here right now. I am the one who decided that I wasn’t ready and that if they had someone who was qualified to take this position and was someone they felt would be a good fit for the office to hire her and let me have the time I needed to learn how to be an office manager. I didn’t then or now plan to take her job but to step into a position that they wanted to create for me. To come along side her and help her with whatever she wanted me to do. I guess that in order for this to work you must work with someone who is secure in themselves. I am very angry right now. She is working very hard at turning everyone in the office against me, painting a picture of my character that more closely resembles her own, not mine. This is not my style. I do not have to belittle others to make myself feel better, or lie about their intentions so that I will look better. This woman has nothing to fear, but herself. She is looking pretty petty and bad right now in the eyes of the doctors. That knowledge dosn’t make it any easier to work up front. It is heartbreaking to me that I am dreading going to work now, and not able to enjoy what I do.


3 thoughts on “Whats next?

  1. Read Genesis 39. God did not bring deliverance or our idea of justice in this unfair situation- he even allowed the righteous to be punished for something he didn’t do. But it was all for a bigger, better purpose. He had to create a situation where His purposes could be fulfilled, even though it seemed wrong and unfair to the believer. Could it be that God is allowing this season in your life and the involvement of this evil woman, who needs her butt kicked- but that’s besides the point- to bring you to a bigger and better position and to bring glory to His Name? You may not enjoy going to work right now, but find joy in the fact that God is allowing this for a reason- He has a plan for you- a plan to prosper you and not to harm you- He is using you for SOMETHING… Do you really need to know what the SOMETHING is? You’re being used by the Almighty. There is joy in that. This is an exciting time because God is clearly up to something. Try to look at it like that. Could it be that your righteous conduct in spite of how you’re treated could end up bringing this vile woman to Christ? Her soul hangs in the balance. That is much more important to God than workplace gossip and back stabbing, is it not? Whatever His plans are, they are far bigger than anything you can see right now. Continue to display a character that no sane person could find fault with and bring glory to God through your “suffering.” And finally… Do as I say and not as I would do, because if it was me? I’d have already let all the air out of her tires, and written something nasty about her on the bathroom wall. Hang in there and remain faithful. I know you can do that. God knows too, or He wouldn’t have allowed it. You CAN do this, Lanie. You’re one tough old broad.

  2. Me again… I have to go get blood taken Monday and I’ll be right near you. Would that be a good day to go to lunch? Let me know. Del Rio’s is sounding pretty darn good. And I could smear some queso on that mean girl’s car. What do you think? I don’t really care where we eat… I’m sure I can find something to smear on her car at any restaurant you choose.

  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement and confirmation. The Lord had been bringing Josheph to mind over and over and I have found a great deal of peace in that. God is faithful! And as for Monday, call me around noon and see if I can get away. I don’t know what the day will bring since I was gone Friday and things were anything but good when I left on Thursday! Love you dearly! E~

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