aaauuuuuggggg 2

Okay I am ready to strangle someone. I truly am at a loss for what this woman wants from me. Let me tell you about my day at work on Friday.Mind you I have been gone for two days due to David and Kelly being sick and the whole seizure thing with David. Soooo I go back to work on Friday obliviously thinking that I will do my job according to the detailed list of things that my manager gave me on Tuesday defining my responsibilities. One of my responsibilities is the release of medical records for our pts, insurance companies, and the Lawyers offices. Soooo I get a phone call from a patient asking about her records and where they are because the Dr’s office they are supposed to go to has not recieved them. I put her on hold and set out to find out what happened to them. . I couldn’t find her chart in the wall so I let Beth know that I was going to the back to look for it. When I returned up front my manager was at my window checking out pts. I let her finish what she was doing and continued to hunt for this chart, as the pt was waiting on me for the answer. (the pt is still waiting for an answer, I was not allowed to finish) Sheila was upset with me for not being at my window. She stated that I am “never” at my window and that she wants me to stay at my window and check out pts and answer phones. She stated that Beth was “always” at her window and that the pts “never” had to wait to be checked out with her. This is not a true statement as I had to check out pts on several occasions and on many I let Beth know that there was a pt at her window waiting to be checked out. She made it clear that she did not approve of my work, that she felt I was not doing my job and that she was ready to “have a meeting” concerning my performance. I was simply trying to fulfill the responsibilities that were assigned to me on the list, it seems that no matter what I do it isn’t going to be right. Something has to change. Of course I am documenting all this and in much more detail than I am giving on here, but I have to tell you that I am frustrated to the extreme! What would you do in this situation? How would you handle an unreasonable boss?  I have said time and again how much I enjoy my work, but the stress of working for this woman has taken the joy out of my job. When is enough, enough?


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