H1N1 is it here…in my house?

swine_flu_s1I don’t know if it is or not but I have had Kelly and David home for two days now. Kelly was sent home from school on Tuesday, and David was sick yesterday, just not acting right, throwing up, and he had a seizure yesterday morning. That was not fun, it lasted for 2 min. and he was pretty much wiped out the rest of the day. The Dr wants us to take him to a neurologist. This makes 3 seizures this year. He had gone for 10 years seizure free and now we are dealing with them again. Good thing is that he comes out of them on his own now. When he was little he had to have help to come out of them. (drugs and an er visit often ending up in the hospital for several days) I have missed work all but one day this week so far! And now my mom has called to say that she has taken my dad to the ER because his blood pressure is very low and his heart rate is veryemergency high! He said he wasn’t feeling good this morning when I talked to him. They are supposed to call me when they know what is going on with him. I may be making a trip to see them this weekend!

It seems that this week has been one filled with sickness, but in the NAME OF JESUS, we are going to walk in health and wholeness! This is coming to a halt right now!!!


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