Charlie is an official REV. now!!!!

Well actually he has been officially a Reverend for a little over a month now, but hey I can be rather slow with my info sometimes!The Perfect Blood 2008 003 So what has changed in our lives? Nothing…he just has the title and the endorsement of our church affiliation now. It was really weird to see Rev. Charles … on the mail he has recieved though! He is the Worship Pastor at our little church that we attend. He loves to worship the Lord and it is definately not a Sunday only thing. He is in the music room playing his guitar with my son Kevin as I type this. My house is filled with music most of the time when we are home, and the sound of voices praising God with songs omy boys and their toys 009f praise and worship. When I think about it, that is such a blessing! It has been this way for as long as I can remember! The calling on my husbands life is definately there.  Now he has a title in front of his name, that is about all that has really changed though! He worked hard to get here and I am very proud of him…they are singing “Forever God is faithful, forever God is strong” right now and it is sooooo true He is faithful and strong forever and always!


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