Change, change and then more change!

Holly and Aaron

Holly is heading off to the Big City! She is going to dance school and is soooo excited about it! I am soooo proud of her and her decision to follow her dream.  Will Holly and Aaron’s relationship survive? That is all up to the Lord. Please lift them up in prayer as they walk this transition time out. They both have a calling on their lives, but they need to determine if they are called individually or as a couple. Things hang in the balance and we all know that is a very uncomfortable place to be. Our prayer for both of them is for the Lords will to be done in each of their lives. If Aaron turns out to be our son-in-law we are great with that, but only if it is God’s will! They are both so incredible and they have the potential to be an awsome ministry team, but sometimes that is not enough and God has other plans. Either way it goes we are okay with it, like we have any say in any of this anyway! God is the one who directs our steps….So when you think of Holly please lift her up. Big City, new surroundings, new people, she does have plenty of family there for her! Praise the Lord for that! She also needs a job and that quickly! Sooo many things going on in her life right now.



I am doing better at work right now. The Lord makes even your enemies to be at peace with you!  But never forget that they are not to be trusted! Such a shame that I always have my guard up. I don’t know what the Lord is doing in this yet but I do know that I am placed here for a purpose and a reason, that I will understand at some point in time. He is the one who promotes us to positions, not man, even if man thinks they are the one who is doing it. God’s timing is always perfect and I know that He is in complete control at my job, in my home and at church~ No matter where I am or will be, God is my comfort, my source, my shelter, my defense! What an awsome God He Is!!!!

Michael is doing great! We are very proud of him and the obvious hard work he is putting into everything he is doing right now. It hasn’t been easy but he is doing his best, and we are also doing our best to change how we deal with him. It has been harder for me than Charlie I think. I find myself going into the old ways of dealing with him, but Michael has responded so differently that it is getting easier to change for me also.  They gave him a Graduation party after church tonight. That was really sweet, he is received and loved at church by everyone. What a blessing. He did go to one youth group not so long ago, full of kids he knew from school, but not one of them talked to him…only the youth pastor. That was an incredible blow to him and to me. I was very disappointed in the youth group and their complete disregard for him being there. It had been a long time, you would think that their would have been some who would have made an effort to greet him.  Ask yourself this question, when someone comes to church or youth, do I greet them? Do I make them feel welcome? Do I have to like them in order to be friendly? Are only the people I really like worthy of God’s love expressed through me? Tough questions but they get to the heart of the matter. What kind of taste is left in the mouth of those who visit your church or youth group? Is there something that needs to change? Are you willing to be an instrument of change?    Blessings~