The favor of God is amazing

I have put up with the things at work and only complained, out loud, on my blog and with my family. I have brought every detail to the Lord and trusted Him to take care of things. Well I don’t know if things are going to turn around for good, but this last couple of days have been knock outMUCH better. I have not been belittled at all for two days! WOW, that is sooooo nice! I thank each of you for your prayers and for your being there for me, all 3 of you! Just kidding I know I have tons of readers you just fly below the radar, right?  Do I trust this woman? NO! But I can work with her, because the Lord is my strength and He is my protector, hiding place, Big brother who will beat the living daylights out of those who hurt me!  Okay maybe that is out of character, but it makes me smile!!! I am growing through this and I am learning valuable lessons. I am learning that I am not the one in control, God is, He is able to take care of every situation I come up against! I am stronger when I am leaning on Him. I can deal with things in a mature manner even when what I want to do is throw a screaming fit and hurt someone. I am not controlled by my feelings, I am controlled by the Spirit Of God! At least that is my goal! Anyway I am going to enjoy my family and get off of here for now.

Remember Victory in 2009~