I HAVE HAD IT! We are out of toner, it is my fault, we are out of paper, that too is my fault, we are out of dividers for the charts, yes, you guessed it! That  is my fault! Now if I were the office manager and the one responsible for making sure that the supplies are there it would be one thing but I am NOT the office manager, I am an underpaid receptionist taking the blame for someone elses disorganization.

I don’t drink, but this office staff could cause a lesser woman to run to the bottle! My frustration with things right now is over the top and I don’t know what to believe. She lies to everyone! Me, the doctors, the patients. If it makes her look good she will lie about what is going on, blame others for her own mistakes without any remorse. I know this because I have seen and heard her lie to just about everyone in the office at one point or another. I know she is lying about me, and I wonder if she is going to be able to turn the doctors against me. All that said I do know that the Lord is my defense and that no one is going to be able to do anything to me accept what is allowed by Him! He is more interested in my character then my comfort I know all to well. But as my charater is being built I am getting tired of being treated like I am treated on a regular basis. So if you think of me please send up a prayer that I will remain faithful and not turn to booze or worse!!!!


  1. “Save me, O LORD, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues.” Ps 120:2

    Lord, we know you are more than capable of protecting Lanie’s reputation and job. We thank You for Lanie’s job and the blessings You’ve given her. We pray that you will not allow the liar’s lips to prevail against Elaine, but that the truth will be brought to light and You will allow Lanie to remain in good favor with her employers. We ask that You will remind Elaine daily that You are in total control of her job and this situation, and that she will always remember to run to you for peace. We also pray that she will be a witness to everyone in the office for Your glory and draw people to you through the way she handles this. And if it’s not too much trouble, maybe you could relocate the liar to Alaska, or something. Thank you. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

  2. Thank you very much for blessing me with your prayer and making me laugh with your not so subtle suggestion for the location of my thorn! I love you so much my faithful friend! E~0

  3. Father God in the name of Jesus bless and strengthen our sister in the Lord. While we are still in the fallen bodies we have our tests. But Lord we thank you that in spite of the tests of this life we can still look up Heaven knowing that you are going to rapture us up to your glory. Thank you annointing us with encouragment daily. In Jesus Name. Amen

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