What a week! Kevin went to Nationals in Florida!

I am sooooo proud of this young man! He did fantastic at Nationals! Charlie said the competition was stiff…duh, it is NATIONAMom's House Hale Damage 5-10-08 187LS!  Anyway, according to Charlie, who is not one for giving out compliments, Kevin held his own and was every bit as good as any of the other guitar players there! What brough him down? Well I am sure that you all will be shocked by this but it was that he didn’t “communicate” with his audience! Now his mother, me, told him before he left on Monday morning “Kevin be sure and make eye contact and let the audience know you are enjoying yourself” As any of you who know Kevin, he isn’t real good at the “communication” thing unless he has a puppet on his hand or is telling you funny stories, usually at my expense! He was .3 of a point away from getting a Superior with honors! That was a tough blow for him! What should he have learned from this experience? That he should listen to his mother, thats what!!!

My mom came and stayed with me this week while Charlie and Kevin were gone. Loved having her here! I would really love to have her living closer to me, Wichita is not far but it is still a drive to get to her! I don’t know what I would have done this week had she not been here to help me. David can be such a handful, and with MIchael added to the mix it can be explosive! We did great until today when David just lost it. Mom and I had gone to lunch after I got off of work and David came home to Michael and Kelly instead of Mema…he didn’t like this much! I have so much drama and stress at work right now, I really don’t want to have to deal with this! I know that this character building time in my life will be fruitful, but I have to say that I don’t like having my character “produced”!!!! It just seems like there is to much ugly in there still, will it ever be pretty?

Anyway, back to Kevin! Charlie and Kevin had a great time in Florida, they went to the beach, the space center, Universal studios, they did all kinds of things and stayed in a fancy hotel that they booked at one of those internet booking places! Cheap prices for great rooms….you know the ones! They have been gone for almost a week and I am ready for them to be home. I miss them! I am also ready for them to stop spending money!

~remember victory in 2009~