What is coming this next week?

Kevin and Charlie head to Florida for Nationals! Win or lose I am very proud of this young man and his accomplishments with not only the guitar but everything he sets his mind to! Albeit it does have to be what he really wants to do or it is done in a half ummm way manner!  For example, his room! 🙂 

My mom is here with me to help with David. Robbie had a heart cath done and a stint put in this last friday. She needs and deserves a break! David truly tests her patience on a regular basis! I don’t know what I would do without her though, she has been a God send! We didn’t realize just how much of a help Charlies mom was to us where David was concerned!

Michael has been home now for a week and he is doing very well. We are trying to keep him busy and have been able to do so with very little trouble. He has gotten quite a bit of work done around the house and yard and has been diligently looking for a job…still looking but hopefully something will come along soon. Michael and Kelly start school in a couple of weeks.

Stephanie is home this weekend she had to get her wisdom teeth extracted on Sat. She is doing pretty good, but is still pretty tired!ist1_9743382-angel-in-the-moonlight The pain hasn’t been out of control, that is so good, you never know how it is going to go! She moves into her new apartment with her new roommate Erica, on Monday. But only if her tires have come in at Burgraphs! They said her tire was on the verge of blowing! Thank God for His protection over her as she was driving home Friday with an almost dead phone! God is faithful even we are not, and I am so thankful for that!!! 

Kelly is still working with her horse and anyone elses that she can, she is amazing with those animals!

Holly and Aaron went to a wedding in Wichita this weekend and spent some time with Mema and Papa, sounds like they had a really good time!holly and aaron with mema and papa

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