Michael is home to stay….

Charlie went to pick Michael up this morning and bring him home to stay. He is soooo excited and we are excited too, and nervous, but that is in the Lords hands. So many changes in the last 16 months in him and in us. Now we walk out what we have learned and do our best with the Lords help not to fall into the same patterns as before! All these years of parenting and I feel like I know less now than ever.

Work stinks right now, but that will change. Actually I still really enjoy the work it is the constant blaming and snide remarks that get to me. I spent so many years teaching my children that blaming others for things gets you no where and that we need to gather all the facts before we start shooting our mouth off and yet I work with adults who don’t get this very elementary concept.  I have even told them at work that the stress level of being home all day with 6 kids was a picnic compared to the crap that flys in that office on some days! Said with a smile, of course, but meant every word of it! These people are worse than kids on way to many occasions! I am there for a reason and I will stay and be who I am supposed to be in that office, but today I would have been willing to quit if I didn’t need the job!


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