Relationship vs an iron fist

Are we as christians portraying a true example of Jesus to those we are trying to reach? Or do we constantly “watch dog” everything and miss the relationship building that opens the door for us to speak into peoples lives? We miss the fact that without relationship we don’t have a basis to correct behaviors in others. Now can we witness without a “relationship”? Yes I believe we can. I am not talking about witnessing. I am talking about descipleship. We all have people in our lives that we desciple, or at least we should. And these people change according to where we are in life. I have had many in my life that I have had the privilage to correct, and turn from a destructive way of thinking. I have also been in the position of the one being corrected. What makes the difference in whether that correction is heeded or rejected? It boils down to relationship and trust. If I trust you and have a good relationship with you I am going to be more willing to allow you to speak correction, even though it may hurt, into my life. Sometimes we want everything to be black and white, but things are rarely that simple. Are you guilty of missing the relationship and just going straight to the correction? Who in your life are you praying for and frustrated with? Are you building relationship or tearing it down with your words and actions?  Every area of our church life, family life, work life is affected here. Be careful not to allow the enemy to use your words and actions to drive those you love and care about into the enemies hands…


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