Michael is graduating from Teen Challenge!

Teen Challenge pics 006We finally have word from Shawn that Michael is going to get to graduate this Saturday! He is going to be so excited, as are we! There is a catch though, he dosn’t get to actually leave until the end of the month. They only have graduation once a year and he would have to wait a whole year to walk for graduation if he dosn’t get to walk this weekend, but he isn’t officially done until the end of the month. So we take what we can get and thank God for all that he has done in this young mans life. We are still a little nervous about having him home for good, we walked some very rough roads before he was sent into the TC program. He is not the same young man that he was before and so we look forward with caution and hope to his homecoming! Thank you to all who prayed with us and all who helped us out financially through a very expensvie event in our life!


One thought on “Michael is graduating from Teen Challenge!

  1. I am so excited for you guys to have him home. I know the road will not be easy but I think all of you have grown through the experience. There will be ups and downs but you will make it through, I know it!!

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