Six Flags and 104 degrees of sunshine

We  had a great time in St. Louis with everyone! The time spent with family is not common anymore with everyone scattSt Louis Trip June 2009 035ered here and there! We went to six flags on a day that was hotter than H E double hockey sticks! It was miserable after lunch for me. They closed huricane harbor right after we got there! We didn’t even get to get in the water! I don’t know what the problem was though. I ended up going and sitting in the shade for a couple hours while the rest of the family went on more rides. Holly stayed with me though, she was tired as well. I hate being sick and feeling like I am going to heave and there isn’t any way to get out of the heat! However this only lasted for a couple of hours and then the the sun started going down and it began to cool to a more comfortable 90!!! Everyone had a really good time together and it was worth even the nausea!

St Louis Trip June 2009 010



We also attempted to go to the Arch on Friday but we didn’t get there in time and if we went up in the Arch we would have been really late getting to Uncle Darold and Aunt Shirley’s house. We decided just to look around the museum and then go ahead and leave for the house. Maybe next trip we can go up in the Arch.

St Louis Trip June 2009 050





St Louis Trip June 2009 064





 St Louis Trip June 2009 080



St Louis Trip June 2009 066St Louis Trip June 2009 053

We also stayed and went to church with them on Sunday. They go to a Christian church there in St. Louis. We really enjoyed the service. The Worship was VERY good and the teaching was relevant to our lives now. They have a very good church with sound teaching. We knew that though by their fruit!  All in all the weekend was wonderful.

St Louis Trip June 2009 026


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