Do you love your job?

I love my job! I enjoy the people, most of the time, I enjoy the work and the challenges, I even get a kick out of some of our very eccentric patients! We have a good time. Now not all the work is fun, and not all the people are amusing, I have had my share of but chewing! But how you respond to it can make all the difference in the world! Humor has kept my rear out of some touchy situations! It has also saved me from being shoved in a room with the Dr. to help with an exam, now think about this, I work in a GYN office! Do you want to be in a room for someones exam? NO, me either!!! So I will do what I have to do to keep the nurses happy, they threaten me with all kinds of things, but this one in particular has really worked to their advantage! They will pay, however I am working on my revenge!


2 thoughts on “Do you love your job?

  1. you do get paid my friend! Just not with money, it is slobbery kisses, hugs that choke, smiles that say it all, and the eye rolls, lets not forget those!!!! Best job in the world and you are awsome at it 🙂

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