Graduation 4 down 2 to go…

Kevins Graduation 2009 025Kevin graduated this last weekend! Yea, he made it!!! We are so proud of him and all that he accomplished. Dosn’t he look handsome in his cap and gown? He is planning to go into the Marines this fall, but for now he is working for Crossland Heavy before he leaves out for boot camp. 


Kevins Graduation 2009 038


On the same day David had his 23rd birthday! He had a veggie tale cake…

 Stephanie and Kevin’s idea and what a great one it was! He loved it!!



 He, as always was very excited about everything he got for his birthday!




Heres a pic of his enthusiasm!!  IMG_1703

Christmas and birthdays are such a hoot with David! We had a great day with family and friends! We were missing Michael and that was sad but the rest of the day was just GREAT!


2 thoughts on “Graduation 4 down 2 to go…

  1. They grow up so fast, so when will my room be ready? Oh and it has to be big enough for two. We can take down a wall if we need to. 🙂

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