what is the right choice?

Hmmmm?  Michael has made it to level 2! We are so proud of him! But he still wants us to bring him home early…of course he handles it much better now when we tell him we want him to finish what he has started!  It is so hard to have him away from us and we want to have him home, but we also don’t want to get in the way of what God is doing in his life! If we were to bring him home to soon would we end up dealing with the same issues that sent him in this direction? I don’t think we would, he has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year, but I do think that God has some more in store for him at Brushcreek! Please lift him up when you think of him. 



One thought on “what is the right choice?

  1. My opinion means squat, but I don’t think he should come home (unless, of course, you feel God has specifically said to do so- If He hasn’t, why change something that seems to be working?). I say let God finish what He’s started, no matter how hard the wait may be. My gut tells me he’s supposed to stay there. But, of course, I’m an idiot, so…

    Hey, I miss you, by the way. Of course you miss me, too. That goes without saying.

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