what a week…and it is only tuesday!!!!

The office was absolutely nuts today! Charts filed in the wrong place, patients coming in saying they have an appointment and they are not on the schedule, tempers boiling just under the surface with some and others totally oblivious (that would be me)! But the good thing is that #1 the day is done and #2 I made it through without to many upsets…at least that is my story and this is my blog so that is how it is going to be! I didn’t get out of work tonight until 5:49pm. I am supposed to get off at 5, but hey who’s watching the clock? Tomorrow won’t be quite so bad, both Drs will be out of the office and we will only have the nurse practioner for the day, big sigh of relief, I have a ton of things to get done that could not be done today because of all the wonderful surprises in our day!

All that said, I must say this, I really enjoy my job and the stress isn’t a constant thing, however the business is a constant thing! I like that the time fly’s by! I am doing what I enjoy and that is what matters!

Michael is doing well, we get to see him Thursday. He has a dr appointment for a physical and so Charlie will pick him up and take him. I have asked him to bring him by the office so I can have lunch with them when they get to town. I miss that boy! He turned 16 yesterday…I’m not a crier but I had a really hard time yesterday with keeping it together. 16 is a BIG birthday and we missed his. We will celebrate on Thursday,  but as you know that is just not the same. No not the same at all…been rather emotional for me but God is my strength and my hope. This to will pass and the end results will be worth it!  

Well I am tired and I think that now is a good time for me to bid you goodnight!

Remember ….                                                                                                 VICTORY IN 2009~

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