Lots of things going on right now…

Let’s start with Michael! He made it to level 1 at BrushCreek and earned a pass to come home for the day! We picked0d63be80d0dd him up this morning and will have him all day! We are just hanging out and enjoying having him in the house. It is so nice to hear his voice mixing with the voices of the family, laughing and carrying on! Something that we can take for granted so easily until that voice is not there for awhile. We are at a 11 months now of Michael being at TC, and one month for him at BrushCreek.  For those of you whom I have not been able to give an update to here it is.  He is doing very well here! He loves being on the Ranch, the outdoors, the fresh air and the lifestyle that comes with being in the country! He is blossoming where he is and making huge leaps in every area. His grades in school have gone from C’s to A’s, his handwriting is not only better but MUCH better! He is taking responsibility for his mistakes and humbly asking forgiveness when he blows it! We know he has a ways to go but the progress that he has made in this month has been a big encouragement to us!  Keep lifing him up in prayer when the Lord brings him or us to your mind!

On to other things…I start my new job on Monday! My last day at the LAB was a bitter/sweet day. I really loved that job and the people that I worked with and leaving was truly a hard decision to make. I know that it was the right choice though. I am looking forward to my new job with a Dr that I have heard only WONDERFUL things about! This man is known all over and I never heard one negative thing about him. I wonder if he knows how well thought of he is in the community?  He is a christian and he definately changes the atsmosphere where he is! God is so good to allow me to work in such an environment giving me the desires of my heart to the last detail.


 Kelly is doing well also, she is getting a reputation for her ability to train horses and has had several people interested in her training their horses for them. I am watching God take the natural interest and talent and turn it into a way that she can make some income! Cool!

David is getting over being sick and he DOES NOT LIKE TO BE SICK! Neither do I for that matter! Holly is still dating a sweet young man from Ozark Christian College, Kevin is getting ready to graduate and is looking pretty seriously into joining the Marines…I am choosing to leave this in God’s hands and not freak out! Stephanie is still in College and working very hard! She has chosen an extremely difficult major, but anyone who knows her isn’t suprised by that!

So there you have an update on my precious children that God has blessed me with!

~victory in 2009


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