Change the atmosphere where you are…?

atmosphereWhat kind of atmosphere do you work in, go to school in, live in?  Is it possible to change that atmosphere?  I had my review at work and one of the things that my boss said in the comments was that I had changed the atmosphere of the LAB. Wow, I had no idea!  What is it that you do to change the atmosphere? I really don’t know what the atmosphere was like before I came so it is hard to know just how it was changed…but I do know that the presence of Jesus in my life is the source of the change, not me.  He is my life, my peace, my heart and desire. So just having his living, breathing, loving presence in my life effects those who are around me, no matter if they know Jesus or just know “of” Him. Anywhere Jesus is there will be a change in the atmosphere.


heavenMy challenge to you is this…if there isn’t a change in the atmosphere when you are in the room and you are a professing christian, perhaps you should re-evaluate your relationship with Jesus. Do you Know Him or just know about Him? He is wanting to know you in a close and personal way that will change not only the atmosphere around you but the destiny of where you spend eternity! 



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