update on michael

I recieved a letter from Michael today.  He sounds like he is doing very well! He is taking a leadership role at Brush Creek is how it sounds to me. One of his gripes is that the boys there are soooo immature! One of the things he brought up is that the boys have been calling him “new kid” all the time.  The director got really tired of this and made a rule that whenever someone calls Michael “new kid” they would have to sleep in the “new kid” bunk and Michael gets to sleep in their bed! Bravo Sean! Michael has slept in several different beds now!

Michaels letter expressed his concern for his friend Camry, who had a surgical procedure last week. He stated that he had been praying for her and needed to know that she was okay. There was an urgency in his letter that showed how much he cares for this young lady.  It is good to know that he is not focused only on Michael but is concerned for others that are at home.

Charlie and the kids got to talk to Michael last night. I was already asleep by the time they were able to get through to the bunkhouse. Hopefully I will get to talk to him on Thursday. What we are hearing from his counselor and from Michael himself, I beleive that he is going to succeed. I am still covering him in prayer daily…duh! But I am encouraged greatly. This was the right choice and the time spent fasting and praying was and is worth every moment!



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