work, school, sleep, work, school, sleep

And in the middle of that there is church! I am so ready to be done with the school part of this life I lead! I have 7 weeks left, thats all and then I am done. Just 7 weeks!  soapbox

Speaking of school, have you ever had a teacher not like you? My daughter has one of those. No matter what she does this teacher will find something that is not just right. Now if this teacher were this way with all of her students maybe it wouldn’t matter to me as much…but when the reason your child is not treated better is because her parents are not “important” enough, well that just chaps my cheeks!  I have confronangry-teacherted this teacher and all it did was make things harder for my daughter. Of course my daughter is quite capable of putting up with people like this. She has an uncanny ability to put up with peoples meanness. A much better ability than I do! I have chosen to leave her in this class because I truly feel that the life lessons she is learning in how to deal with an unreasonable and hateful person will, in the end, be a benefit to her.  If she can only make it through the rest of this semester! I have let her know that if this teacher gets out of hand she is to go to the principle at the time it happens and she is to call me and I will be at the school to confront the situation with her. Hopefully this teacher will be able to control herself and that won’t happen…but you never know. I know some of you reading this probably know who I am talking about as you have children who have been in her class and they also were mistreated as well. What does it take to get a tenured teacher tarred and feathered, beheaded, lamblasted, removed I wonder?  I do wonder how many parents have actually lodged a complaint about this teacher? If only one or two of us make it known that the way she handles her class, treats our children, is not acceptable it won’t have much impact, but if they were to hear from most or all of the parents who are frustrated with her, maybe, just maybe something would be done. I have takeauthorityn the steps to let my feelings be known to the appropriate authorities. And I will continue to be in the middle of this situation, because this is a battle that I should have fought the last 8 years and didn’t. I regret not gettng involved much sooner, but hindsight is always better than foresight! I am also trying to do this without disgracing the Name of the Lord. We can take a stand and it not hurt His name, how many times did Jesus confront things that were wrong and stir up the people, and the religious hypocrits!  But I wonder how strong one voice is? It is hard to know where to start and where to stop in cases like this. You know that if a person takes their frustration out on their students that person probably has a sorry little life and is to be pitied more than anything…but even so the most pathetic among us must also be held accountable for their actions when they effect others in their path. Just because you are having a hard time does not give you rights to be unkind, unfair, and unreasonable.  As much as many of us, myself included, would like to think it does! As teachers we should be setting an example of what it is to be fair, kind.

So that is how I feel about that situation and now that I have it off my chest I do feel somewhat better…somewhat.

Remember…..VICTORY IN 2009


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