WEllllll we are going to try this again…

We took Michael yesterday to BrushCreek. He was pretty reluctant to go until we were actually there. As we visited with the directors he began to relax and feel that there was hope that he could do this. When he found out that he would have passes to see his family and that he would get his phone calls no matter what, he just changed right before our eyes. The fact that his family is close enough to come see him is going to make a huge difference for him. Not to mention that he is on a ranch and there are horses, cattle, dogs and probably cats, however I did not see any cats while we were there! The directors gave him specific instructions as to what he could say and what he couldn’t and how to avoid saying to much. Michael really appreciated the time taken to prepare him.  It is up to Michael as to how well he does here. But we actually witnessed him “check back in” mentally. That was cool! 

The not so cool part is the cost of this! billWe are going to have a big large huge monthly bill to have him here, more than my house payment and utilities! I am trying to get a full time job to pay the tuition but at this time I don’t have that. They are willing to work with us but there is a limit to how much they can work with us as they are a small operation and need the tuition to keep the ranch open. So we are trusting God to provide. I beleive that He wants to use His people to help us out and if you are feeling that you would like to be a part of this it wouldbe a blessing beyond words to us. If you are interested in sponsoring Michael for the next 9 months or so, for whatever amount the Lord lays on your heart, you can contact Brushcreek at :

For those of you who are not able to help financially we still need the prayer coverage and would appreciate you lifting Michael up as often as the Lord brings him to your mind. If you are thinking about him chances are he is needing prayer. This program is not a walk in the park, it is difficult and challenging. We have seen much progress made in the last 10 months and we know that God is going to complete what He has started!

V I C T O R Y   I N  2 0 0 9


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