Michael, Michael, Michaemooningl! 

Well for those of you who don’t know yet, Michael has been kicked out of MNTC!  No, I don’t want to give you details, are you nuts?  But I will tell you that I am feeling very much like we are constantly walking up hill…sorry to those of you who are behind us! :-0

We will be placing him at another TC this next week that is closer to home.  Will this work? Who knows????  Only God can make the changes in Michael that need to be made. Man or manmade programs are not going to be able to do the work that must be done in his heart…only God can change you from the inside out! He has made a great deal of progress, but it seems that all that progress was lost in a short period of time! Thank you for praying with us for Michael. We are still fasting on Mondays if you are interested in joining us. We all still need a lot of prayer coverage. We pick Michael up at the bus station early in the morning, joy, yes I am having some real issues with this!  I truly am frustrated with this entire situation. As I said before, Only God can do the work!  So word to the wise, I wouldn’t walk behind me, but beside me because, well the view for those behind is not pretty!!!  🙂






2 thoughts on “Whaaaaaattttt?

  1. In every situation life is an uphill climb. I like to think of it as rock climbing. Sometimes you seem to hang by a fingernail, not making any headway as you just flap in the wind. Other times you find handholds and footholds that propel you up the mountain so fast it makes your head spin. Other times you find a ledge that you can just set and relax and take in the view and at other times you FALL! But we have the safety rope of GOD that he will not allow us to perish but before we splatter he pulls the rope tight and saves us. Sometimes we are so close to bottom that we can push off, other times we fall only a few feet before the rope becomes tight and our fall stops. Michael has fallen, it was a bunch of little falls that added up, but GOD still has a hold of the rope and he desperately wants Michael to climb to the top of this mountain where he can take him by the hand and restore him heart, mind, body and soul.

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