Reporting in on Michaels progress…

teen-challenge-pics-001For those of you who are wondering what is going on with Michael.

Michael is having a very hard time with being so far away from family, and all those he loves. There is only so much that we can take when we are feeling isolated and alone.

Michael has agreed to stay and “check back in” mentally there at TC.

We have agreed to try to get him into a program that is closer to home so he can see us more often. We also have promised to make regular trips up there to see him more often.

We know that God is in control and that He is directing our steps. The drive home this weekend was a very quiet and difficult ride. We made the decision we beleived was what God would have us do, it was a heart wrenching and difficult choice. In the midst of all the pain, fear and uncertainty, there remains this peace that passes all understanding.

Clearly 2009 is not going to be an easy year, if the beginning is any indication, but it is going to be a year of GREAT VICTORY!


2 thoughts on “Reporting in on Michaels progress…

  1. I am glad it went so well. I know that he is struggling but I do believe it is the best thing for him. His number one problem is not what everyone would think but it is submitting to the authority that is over him. Wether it be his coucilors, teachers, leaders or even his parents, he can never learn to submit to GOD who he cannot see if he can not learn to submit to those in authority that he can see.
    We shall keep praying, and hopefully he will keep working and GOD will do some changing on his heart.

  2. yes the submitting issue…this is a problem that plagues all of us to some degree isn’t it? Can you imagine how much easier all of our lives would be if we could wrap our heads around submission? There are many, many lessons to be learned is this arena! Thanks for keeping Michael in prayer. In spite of the setbacks God is doing a great work in Michael and he is changing…

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