~Peace in the midst of the Storm~

It is the most amazing thing, God’s peace. It sweeps in and carries you through the hardest of times. When everything looks to be falling apart, the peace of God is there for the believer. If Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior there is this unfathamable peace in the middle of crisis!

Michael is in crisis, and as such, that puts us in crisis with him. Today has been hard as I am not the one who is in on the phone calls; so I have to wait and wait for a phone call from Charlie to tell me what is happening and what we are going to be doing.

The Lord asked me last night at the prayer meeting, Elaine who are you depending on to help Michael? Are you looking to TC to do this or are you looking to Me to do this? Who is the one that gives the Victory?

The only one Victory comes from is the Lord!

What are we going to do? We are going to follow after the peace of God. I don’t know what that is going to be yet, but I do know that I can trust God completely with Michael and I can trust Him completely with this crisis!

A song has been rolling through my heart and mind today…

Peace, Peace, wonderful peace

 Coming down from the Father above

Sweep over my spirit, forever I pray,

 with fathomless billows of Love

at least I think those are the words, they are the ones that have been rolling through my heart today, anyway.

Jeremiah 31:16-17 (NLT)

But Now this is what the Lord says: “Do not weep any longer, for I will reward you.” Says the Lord “Your children will come back to you from the distant land of the enemy. There is hope for your future,” says the Lord. “Your children will come again to their own land”





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