Feeling a little yukky!

Is there a feeling that is any worse than feeling like you are going to hurl?  YES! How about your head feeling like thisheadache picture shows? That is what my head felt like yesterday! I was in class and I swear someone had to have had the thermostat set at 150 degrees!  I made it for one hour before I had to go home. I didn’t think I was going to make it home…I truly hate it when my head hurts like it did yesterday. I am better today, but it wasn’t until later in the morning before I truly felt decent! Getting up for work and going in to work, very early in the morning, was not an easy task considering that my head still hurt and I felt like I was going to hurl out of one end or another or perhaps both! I know far more information than you wanted. I will try to refrain from being to graphic. (just be grateful I am not putting in pictures here!)

On to more interestspelling-testing things than my headaches and other ills…Medical Transcription is almost over for me! I have one more day of class, I will take a spelling test and then I should be done. I have turned in all my work that is due. Great feeling, even when I missed most of class yesterday! My next class is Office Management! Now were talking, I love to tell people what to do!!! LOL, really I am looking forward totime-flys this class, because it is right up my ally, at least I think it is. It will be interesting to find out when I get into it further. This is my last term and then I am done! Wow, this 14 months is flying by very quickly.

Remember my friends, no matter what things look like, we have…




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