Getting organized in 2009

Well if you are like me there just seems to be WAY to much paper around! Charlie came across a check list that we thought was a great idea! So I am going to share it with you!

Keep only the most recent…

  • paycheck stub
  • utility bill
  • mortgage receipt
  • investment prospectuses and monthly reports
  • Insurance policy
  • monthy/quarterly investment statements

as you file the latest, shred the previous one. There is no need to accumulate the monthly records of these.

Keep for 7 years….

  • Bank statements
  • canceled checks
  • credit card statements
  • tax returns

Tax returns are subject to audit for up to three years after filing, however; the limit is up to six years if income has been underreported by more than 25%. (don’t cheat on your taxes!)

Keep in a safe permanent storage…

  • mortgages and deeds
  • home improvement records
  • diplomas, certificates and school transcripts
  • annual investment statements [stocks, bonds, mutual funds, individual retirement account, 401 (k)s …]
  • legal paper (leases, trust papers, birth certificates, pass ports…)

I have already started getting this done! I have a lot of paperwork that I didn’t need to have! My shredder is getting a much needed break while I post this! I already have two 13 gallon trash bags full!!!  I am not even close to being done!

Be blessed my friends and family! Remember…



2 thoughts on “Getting organized in 2009

  1. Thanks, I ended up with 5 13 gallon bags of shredded paper work! My poor shredder had quite the workout, but it kept up!

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