Calling all parents! Are you tired of your children making choices that go directly against everything that you have taught and trained them from birth? its_not_safe11Are you tired of them making you feel “guilty” because you care about them and see the road they are taking will lead to immense heartache later in life for them? Maybe I am the only one who is dealing with this. I know several of you have really great kids that are doing everything like they are supposed to…heck I do to! It is only a couple of mine that are struggling, but what gets me is that they think they have it altogether and that I am the one who is losing it! The deception of the enemy is sooooo strong. How do you get to that point? How can you know the love of God, have felt and lived in His presence in your life and walk away to serve the world? How can you know God’s peace and then live without it? I don’t understand, but apparently that makes me some kind of archaic backwords something or other! What would our children do if we decided that they were right. That it would be better to live like the world. What if we were to start drinking, smoking (yuk), partying, being unfaithful to our spouse. Isn’t that the same as sleeping with someone that you are not married to even if you are not married? Yes, I believe that falls into the same catergory! So what if we did all those things? I think that if our children lost the stable home that they know they can come back to at anytime it would rock their world, in fact I am pretty sure they would think we had completely lost our senses. Do you suppose they would “understand” what we were thinking? NO, they wouldn’t, but the amazing thing is that WE are supposed to understand why they are doing those things mentioned above, hopefully not all of them and I really don’t want to know which ones they are involved in! I am not willing to sacrifice my relationship with the Lord to do the above mentioned scenario by the way! So what to do? Well the only thing I know to do. PRAY! I have been and will continue to pray for my children, and now that will include fasting one day a week, as mentioned in a previous post. However I think that it is more than that. I am going to speak the word of truth into their lives, all of them, not just the couple that are having so much trouble.  I have others that are  serving God, they are making wise choices, and they are not going to be left out of the blessing of having  The Word of God spoken into their lives daily. 

I have found that it is easy to become so completely focused on the heartache that you lose sight of the wonderful things all around us! So I am going to continue to war for my children, and rejoice and praise God for the victory that is ours NOW and to COME!!


For every child of God defeats this evil

world by trusting Christ to give the victory.warfare

Jesus is the only one who can do the work,

and He has given us the weapons

and the Holy Spirit

 so we can come alongside  Him

 and fight…

on our faces before God!




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