Last Day of 2008!

celebrationI am thrilled that this is the final day of 2008! We have grown by leaps and bounds this year in a painful, sorrowful way! We do not ever want to live through the tough times, we prefer that things always be good and happy. That is not the times that we truly grow though, the growth that is deep down in our root system. Our character is shaped in the painful times, the times that we feel like we cannot even breathe without enormous effort.  We still have another 9 months of Michael being gone from us…most of 2009! We had no idea that we would miss 1 & 1/2 years of  his life.  Is it worth it? As harvictoryd as it has been, yes it will be worth it when he comes through this VICTORIOUS AND FREE!  We have seen great things happening in his life, but the issues that sent him there are still not dealt with. Pray with us that he wil surrender his life to the Lord completely and allow Him to make the changes in his life that are so needful. Charlie and I have decided that we are going to feet1make fasting and prayer a regular thing. We will be choosing one day of the week that we are going to fast on behalf of our children until we feel released to stop. This is going to be a year of Victory for God’s people, and for my family! We may be living in the scariest times but we are also the apple of God’s eye and He is going to take care of us. Just as He has held us close to His heart throughout 2008, He is going to hold us close to His heart throughout 2009!

VICTORY in  2009 

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