Interesting policy

I find it irritating and interesting that if you are conservative you are not allowed to say what you think about Obama, but if you are a liberal you trash Bush all you want and that is ok. My friend made a comment on her blog that didn’t even have anything to do with Obama, but rather her puppy that is doing rude things on her tree skirt! She made one reference to Obama and sent some of her liberal readers into a tiz. Now they are not going to be able to visit her site anymore because of what she said…Hello? Liberals say outright lies about our current president, they  blame him for everything when in fact we didn’t start having the problems we are having with the economy until we gained a liberal congress two years ago, but liberals have a real hard time with math and haven’t figured that out. I just want to state for the record that I am not politically correct and I do believe that our country is in for trouble now that Obama has been put into office. I also know that most Americans will believe his mistakes are Bush’s fault and will blame the Republican party for all that is coming in the next 4 years. All I can say is my friend hit the nail on the head in her reply to the comments on her post about her PUPPY! Good grief, what have we come to?

2 thoughts on “Interesting policy

  1. I just now saw this- I’m behind in reading blogs… Thanks for the support, friend. That whole thing was crazy. That girl (who originally took offense) emailed me later on to issue a formal “Goodbye” and told me she used to think a lot of me, but now “she doesn’t think much of me at all.” Nice. People are just nuts. The Obama worship is scary.

  2. people are nuts Chelle, and we can’t keep them all happy without compromising our own values…so we don’t compromise and we lose some of those who we thought were better people. Life goes on. I think you are great so that should be enough for you!!

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