Traveling day 2…eye roll, I hate to travel

We have arrived and we did so without any accidents! That is exciting, we did see two cars in the ditch, and another honda with antlers, that was just plain weird. Who puts antlers on their car? I have found that people are just plain weird though! We are all pretty tired tonight, but the activity level around here is still very high. We lost an hour coming here, so at home it is 7:55pm but here it is 8:55! The good thing is that we will get that hour back on the way home. So how are things going to go this week? According to my mother they will be great! She has been known to be delusional! just kidding. Of course if things don’t go well I can’t tell you because my brother and sister-in-law read my blog…what a dilemma. Things went well last time, so it is likely things will go well this time. We don’t have Michael with us and I have had a pretty hard time with that. He made some poor choices and lost his christmas pass. Of course he is having a harder time than me, since he is now having to pay the  consequences for his choices. If you think of him please lift him up in prayer, this is a hard time of year to be away from your family.  David is having a hard time right now and I would really like to rip his $%^$# head off, but Charlie is shaking his head “no” at me, so I am just telling you about it. I think it is time for me to go to bed as well as David. So I am going to sign off and we can all hope that I won’t be so tired tomorrow!