Traveling…what a blast!!

We have been traveling all day long! I can assure you that it is not fun! We are going to my brothers house for Christmas. The trip will be worth it when we get there. I have enjoyed my family in spite of the traffic, the near misses, the continuous comments of ” I have to go to the bathroom, ten minutes after someone else just went at the gas station! It is nice that my children are finally at an age where they actually enjoy one another, most of the time anyway. We have Dolly Mae with us and she is in heat. Isn’t that special? I went to get her some of those doggie diapers at PetSmart. I could not believe how much they cost. 12 for $15! Are they nuts? We went to Walmart and bought premie diapers and put a hole in the back for her tail and wallah! We have doggie diapers 30 for $10! much better!!!!  Dolly Mae is not happy with the situation, but that is to bad.  So we are at a hotel tonight and will finish the trip in the morning. I am pretty sure that this trip will be memorable for all as there have been many chances for our character to show through. Lets just say that Charlie and I are in separate rooms tonight 🙂 but that is because the girls are in one room and the guys are in another, I just thought it sounded better to say it the other way! Makes for a better story. I will keep you posted on how the rest of the week goes…if I feel like it. 🙂