Testimonies, finals and other things…

We had Michael home for Thanksgiving! He did get to come home and we were very relieved! When he went back he was asked to give his testimony in the service at the church they went to for that Sunday. He was asked to give his testimony as they were riding in the van to go to the service! He was quite nervous as he didn’t have anytime time, to speak of, to prepare! They don’t get to give their testimony unless they are asked and they have to have been in the program for a while. If you know Michael at all you know that when he gave his testimony he didn’t leave anything out! He really laid it all on the line and came clean with the people about what God had saved him from! It really made an impact on Michael himself, not to mention the people who were listening.  After all three of the boys had given their testimony, Michael was called back up front. They wanted to have special prayer for him. One woman committed to pray for Michael every week until he graduates. We are seeing such huge changes in him, and know that God is doing a wonderful work in him. We also are well aware that Michael  still has a long way to go! Don’t we all? He is going to make it though and he is going to succeed through the power and blood of Jesus!

Now onto finals…

Stephanie is in high stress mode this week! She had a final due Sunday night at 10pm and her computer wouldn’t work! dellShe was, needless to say, in a panic, but more than that she was discouraged to a level that I have seldom seen her at. As we all know college is a different world than what we live in. stressed-out-studentThey have their own culture, rules, life style, everything! As much fun as college can be it can also send you into a tailspin that can be very difficult to get out of.  I am asking that you pray for Stephanie during this time,  she is in need of our encouragment!  I know that there are some of you out there that will take this to heart and really lift her up!

As for the other things…

Well for the sake of those that are so very private I won’t go into much detail here. I can, contrary to popular belief, show discretion when needed! The problem is that sometimes I don’t think discretion is needed when others do, which can truly chap my cheeks, but I am trying to conform, somewhat, to the wishes of others!  Suffice it to say that we are a household still grieving the loss of  Grandma this holiday season. We are experiencing all the “firsts” right now.  We have also had to walk through some things that have totally took our breath away, and not in the good kind of  “oh that took my breath away” but in the, kick me in the gut and leave me gasping for air, kind of way! maxine27 But through all that has happened this year, and it has been a BAD year, God has been faithful to us in everyway! He has never left our side, He has been there leading, guiding, supporting, comforting! No matter how much we whined, groaned, and complained!! He is an amazing God! And when the time comes to celebrate, He will be there for that as well!



2 thoughts on “Testimonies, finals and other things…

  1. It will be different without Dorothy. I wish I could say it will be easy but it won’t. You guys will get through it with a little crying, a little remembering, a little grumbling, and a little looking to the future. Please exchange “a little” with “a whole bunch” at your discretion. 🙂 It won’t be the same but that doesn’t mean it can’t be still be blessed.

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