We had Pastor Appreciation this last Sunday

You know we don’t really take the time to share our hearts with our Pastors. So often they are just “always” there, and in our minds they always will be. pastor20appreciation20007My pastors are especially close to my heart because they were our friends first and we have watched the work in progress in their lives! They have this huge heart for people, no really, they love people! Kinda weird I know!!! They have been there for us in some really, really hard times this last year. I didn’t understand the move that God had us make to Welch, it just didn’t make sense for us to drive 35 miles one way to go to church when we could drive 2 miles and be at our home church in town! But God is sovereign and He sees what is coming down the road. We needed to be in Welch during this year. The things we were going to walk through with Michael would have been disastrous if Charlie had been consumed with a building program. We would have missed things that were very important had we been so busy we couldn’t see straight. Yes, we were still very busy, but it was a different kind of busy. Because of our pastors help and intervention when we were at a breaking point and ready to give up completely, Michael made it to MNTC where he is getting the help he needed so desperately. They have stood with us in prayer, encouraging us and Michael. They have been a great help during our time of great loss with the accident and Charlies mom’s death. They were there meeting needs before we even knew it was a need! Example: I found Pastor Trudy in my bedroom ironing shirts for the funeral the next day, while I was tending to a houseful of family totally oblivious to the fact that those shirts needed to be ironed! This is a small example of just¬†one of the many things they did for us. If I start detailing everything this post will be for to long…okay so it is already for to long! I just wanted to make it clear on my blog how much I love these two people in our life. They often say the nicest things about Charlie and I and our family, but they are truly the amazing ones! Thank you Pastors Pat and Trudy for being who you are! We Love you dearly!!!!

3 thoughts on “We had Pastor Appreciation this last Sunday

  1. Thanks for your kind words… And I want a retraction from Pastor Charlie, I did not buy the ENTIRE bakery section at Wal Mart, I bought just half of it, I did not get into the euclairs and the pastry rolls… so there I got that off my chest.
    We love you guys too…

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