Things are moving on…life dosn’t stand still

Sometimes it seems that things happen so fast. We just lost Charlie’s mom to a tragic accident, but life just keeps going, we still have work, school, church, etc…the grieving process seems to come in waves. We both are grieving the loss of this woman who was such an incredible frustration to us at times but loved us with everything in her! She was more and more the child and we were more and more the parent in our relationship with her.  Now that she is gone we realize the loss of what we had! She loved not just her son with everything in her but she loved me too, her daughter-in-law, who wasn’t always the good guy with her. I was the one who had to make sure she took her bath, brushed her teeth, didn’t spend all her money before the week was out…the thing is, I miss her, she always had time for me, I miss that I could stop by at anytime and she was ready and willing to go to lunch, go to the store, or anywhere just so she could spend that time with me. I am sad that I didn’t appreciate that while she was living.  So I want to say to all those of you who are caring for an elderely parent, no matter if they are yours or your spouses, cherish the time you have, overlook the frustrations and enjoy the good times, once they are gone it is done. Tell them you love them, hug them, even if they smell funny.

Life does go on…right now is our time to grieve but there will be a time of rejoicing in our lives again. Until that time comes, please understand if we don’t “seem ourselves” at times, this is going to take some time.