Whats up?

Wow the days are flying by! Can you believe that it is already the last day in September? This year has flown by. This year we have had some pretty big changes in our family. Michael is in Minnesotta, I started school and a new job! Stephanie is a junior in college and Holly graduated high school, Kelly started high school and Kevin is a senior in high school, David is still David either really happy and content or really not! Charlie has been busy with his job and his ministry, going to school to get his credentials as a pastor.  There is so much going on and it is hard to keep everyone together sometimes, but today I get to have lunch with Holly, again! I am really enjoying getting to spend some extra time with her. It is days like these that I am so glad that I didn’t drown my children at birth! As you know if you read my posts regulary I do not always feel this way. Emotions are definately not a safe way to make decisions!  God has been so very good to me, I am blessed…so blessed!


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