From “The brat Factor” to good not to share~

This is to good not to share with you all. It really spoke to me and I think it will hit home with most of us!

To really listen to another human being and yourself,
not just in words, proclaims a relationship that
demands being in the moment, fully focused on what
you are hearing. People yearn to be listened to.
Ilan Rubenfeld

In a study to test the listening skills of adults,
the results indicated that the test subjects heard
25 to 50 percent of what was said, and regarded
listening as a passive activity. Hearing is a
physiological response, listening is an emotional
and intellectual one; an act of caring and
consideration. “We can only hear through the love
that listens,” wrote Paul Tillich.

One of my eight-year-old granddaughters (I have two
that age) and I were talking and I remarked that her
Mom was extra busy because of the move the family
was making. My granddaughter replied, “Yeah I know
she doesn’t have time to listen to me.” I asked,
“How do you know she isn’t listening?” She replied,
“Well I told her all about a project I have and she
just said, ‘hmmm.'”

I remember well (and with regret) my “hmmm” days and
I can’t take them back. Oh what I missed because I
was too busy with other things to hear through the
love I had for my children.

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2 thoughts on “From “The brat Factor” to good not to share~

  1. Wow!!! I to remember some of those “hummm” moments when my kids get tired of me not responding and just walk away…I will do better in the future.

  2. I totally relate to what is being said. I catch myself all the time so caught up with trying to get the house clean that when anna speaks to me I say “anna I’m busy right now go play and i will talk to you later,” and then later comes and I’m still busy so here lately I have been trying to spend time with the girls, and when they go to sleep if I have something that absolutely has to be done then that’s when I stay up and so it. Work will always be there but your kids will soon grow up and move and the time you could have spent together will have already past. Can you tell God has been dealing with me on that one?

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