I think I will just take a break for awhile….

What if taking a break means that your choices will do damage to the spiritual well being of your children? What if you are feeling like you need to take some time away from church for whatever reasons and those who are watching you right now decide that “if you can do it so can they”. I know we all go through tough times and we all have feelings of quiting from time to time. But the mature among us know that we have to keep doing what is right even when we don’t want to anymore. The enemy of our souls wants nothing more than to take us to Hell with him. If he can get us to become offended and walk away he wins! There is a very good reason why we are told to forgive those who hurt us Not so they can get away with it but so that we are not dragged into the pit with them! So that we let go of their throat and then God can step in and deal with them. I am frustrated with the number of Christians who are being lured away by the enemy with this “I have been offended and so I am going to just walk away” crap. I can be a christian and not be around christians nonsense is far more damaging to our children than we believe. They are watching us and they are taking their cues from us. What are we teaching them? What are demonstrating for them. They don’t hear what we say they “hear” what we do. Not only our children are watching us though, those we work with, our neighbors, the chidren who play with our children, our childrens teachers…we have a vast amount of influence and the enemy knows that he can take out a large group if he can get just one christian family to “take a break”. Are you being deceived by the enemy? Personal inventory of our motives and what we are believing is healthy. I encourage you to take stock of what you have been listening to and who you have been listening to. There are things we can take a break from but our spiritual walk with the Lord is not one of them. Our time in the house of God is not one of them, our teaching and training of our children is not one of them. Yes I do have a burr under my saddle right now, and no I won’t give you details. Just wanted to get this off my chest and the burr out from under my seat!


6 thoughts on “I think I will just take a break for awhile….

  1. have you talked to the person? I am sure if you ask she will answer you questions. There is also more that just what we see.

  2. have you talk to this person? Do they know how you feel? I am very sure if you ask they will explain their actions. No one every really knows until there is communication.

  3. actually I have several people that I was thinking of when I posted this, it wasn’t pointed at any one person particular. But yes I have talked with some of them, and the excuses and reasons have ranged from very good reasons to not so good. Most of the time it is because of offense. Offenses left undealt with are crippling to the person carrying them and very often the offender is not even aware there is a problem. My point is that we have to be able to deal with our issues without causing problems for our children, or other young christians who are watching us. We all have people watching us that are making decisions based on what they see us do.

  4. Offences not dealt with are indeed crippling to the person. But the one thing we have to remember is we control wether we are offended or not. JESUS himself was beaten, whipped, cursed upon, had his beard torn out, had a crown of thorns thrust upon his head, his hands and feet were nailed with a railroad spike to a cross and he was lifted up in the air to die. And yet he asked his Father to forgive those that hurt him for they did not know what they were doing.
    He is our example, so should we not also forgive and carry on?

  5. Jesus is definately the BEST example we have of forgiving those who offend us. I am so thankful that He chose to walk in forgiveness! Can you imagine what it would have been like if He hadn’t? I do not even want to think about the consequences of that!

  6. Wow! Pastor those are good words we should all remember them. There are so many other things we should be focused on like lost souls. We often forget the real reason we were placed here on this earth. We have a job to do and if satan can distract us he will.

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