Update On Michael

Things are going very well right now. There have been a few issues but nothing that is out of control by any stretch of the imagination. Michael has now been off of all meds for a month and a half! The Dean tells us that his personality has blossomed over this time, yes he has gotten into some trouble but it has been minor, sleeping in, getting mad at the boys from time to time, even sassing a teacher at one point. He got hours for all those things and has worked them all off. The really cool thing is that in the midst of all the “issues” Michael was off of his meds and he still took responsibility for his actions and didn’t blame others for his own poor choices. ie: sleeping in, fighting in the bathroom, sassing the teacher, all these things were his fault and his choice not the other dudes! Even though others did have a responsibility in what happened, Michael was willing to step up and accept his part. That is Waaayyyyy cool! The work God is doing in this young man is truly miraculous.


5 thoughts on “Update On Michael

  1. Great news! God is faithful!

    P.S. You obviously haven’t read what I said about you, or you would have had some sassy comeback. I was pickin’ on ya. You better go check and see. When are we doing lunch? My kids are driving me nuts.

  2. yea well I have read it now, and I did have a comeback for you but I put it on a comment to your post on your blog! Lunch is on! I am going to call you! NOt like that is a threat or anything…

  3. This is great news. I realize he has stuff to work through but it truly is a HUGE step for him to be taking responsibilty for his own actions. I know adults who won’t do that. 🙂

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