Day out with my daughter Kelly…

We had such a good time today. We went to see the movie “Journey to the center of the earth”This was a good movie, no bad language, no skin, and the action was fun not gory! Then we went to my daughters favorite restaurant, which happens to be mine also, Bella Peppers<
We also got some really good deals at Goodys. They are going out of business and they had things on sale for 70-80% off! We didn’t find a whole lot but we each came away from there happy. Kelly got a pair of really cute shorts. And I got a dress and shoes valued at $130 for $30!!! We talked and talked about all kinds of things, it was just a good time for us both. She goes to High School in a couple of weeks…I want to maintain a good relationship with her. I think we are off to a great start! My time left is so short I don’t want to waste a moment of it.


One thought on “Day out with my daughter Kelly…

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