I was offered the job

So now I have to go in for a physical and a drug screen. I am really looking forward to working. I know most of you think I am nuts, but bear with me for a moment. I have been home with my children for 22 years. I homeschooled for the last 16 of those 22 years. I am ready for a change. Just for the record I prayed about this move and asked the Lord to direct my steps in where He wanted me to be. To place me in the office, with the specific people He wanted me with. Where did he put me? In a lab! I will be a secretary in the Lab at Freeman Hospital. I think this will be challenging for me and fun at the same time. They are willing to work around my school schedule, the hours are not the best but I can’t be to choosy right now.

I am truly hoping that I will be more successful working than I have been as a stay-at-home-mom. I can say that I didn’t meet my own standards or my childrens and there is so much I would do over again if given the chance. The thing is that you only have one chance with your kids. So if you have young children, remember that they will remember…everything, what you said or did that was selfish or hurtful, or what you didn’t say or do that was selfish or hurtful. They won’t remember the good things as easily, like the times that you sacrificed sleep, time, money…so they could have something that they “just had to have” or to take care of them while they are puking their guts up, or to cry with them when they have been mistreated or hurt, correcting wrong attitudes so that they can grow up to have Godly character, the list seems limitless. The reason that they won’t remember those times is because we don’t tell our children that we are sacrificing for them we just do it. If you have small children enjoy them, make them feel important, let them ramble on and on about who knows what. I didn’t do that enough and now I get to pay the piper. But, also, don’t allow them to tell you that “you don’t love them” when you are not “doing” everything they think you should be doing. The truth of the matter is that our children don’t usually know what is “best” for them. If they did why would they need parents? And when they reach the age that they should be able to make mature decisions, well we just hold on and keep helping them until they are as mature as they think they are. Being a parent of adult children has proven to be the most painful time of my life. But by God’s grace I will get through this too!


4 thoughts on “I was offered the job

  1. wow…nobody touching this one?…well okay, I will! It’s a season Sas, just a season, and they will get past it, and mature, and become people you recognize again… there are just things about every season that we would “exclude” given the opportunity, like maybe the rain in spring, or the dog-hot days of summer, or the extreme cold of winter…but we make it through. The rain brings us the beautiful flowers, the sun & heat cause my tomatoes to flourish, and the extreme cold … okay, not sure about that one. But it all serves a purpose, and good things will come out of it, because all things work together for good to those who love God, and are called according to His purpose. I pray you do well with the new job, but you did great as a stay-at-home mom, and you haven’t even begun to see all the fruit from that. We do all we know to do, then we stand, and God is faithful to do the rest!

  2. Thank you T. It is always good to hear the truth, even when the facts look like they do the truth trumps fact everytime!

  3. You are amazing. Take it from us, you have done a great job with the kids. There comes a time when they have to make their own decisions and most kids have their times of making dumb choices. Keep lifting them up in prayer and watch God mess up the devil’s plans for your precious jewels.
    God is faithful. We love you!!!!!!!!

  4. I am already seeing the Lords hand at work here with my children. The one who was giving me the most grief has whole-heartedly let me know that she was wrong. It is hard to hear the things our kids throw at us when they are angry. God has been faithful during this hard transition and I am so thankful for His touch on not only my children but on me as well.

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