Family is a precious commodity

I have had the privilage of having family visit this weekend. We had a great time together just being together! I find it interesting that this is not the norm in all families. Why is that? I love to have my family here. The house was full, the noise level at times was, well, loud! It is great now that the kids are older we can leave the younger children in the care of the older children and get away without kids for awhile! That was great! We went to a movie,
I would not recommend this movie for young children, lots of suggestive dances, comments, etc…Music was fun and takes you back!

had lunch at Olive Garden, and it was wonderful!

got pedicures
Nothing like being pampered!

Went to the Mall
I endured this part because I love these people…(eye roll)

We had a great time and it was very refreshing for all of us. We were tired when we got home, but everyone needs a day away from the norm. It was my cousins birthday and we celebrated all day!
It was my dads birthday too, but he didn’t get to join us…like he would have wanted to!!! So to my family I want to say that I love you very much and am so glad you are mine!



5 thoughts on “Family is a precious commodity

  1. And please explain to me why I wasn’t invited? Shopping, movie and dinner at Oliver Garden. It’s a dream come true. Oh…no…….wait…….it’s not a dream come true because I WASN’T INVITED.

  2. Actually, it’s more like a nightmare….dark and cold….very cold.

    Somebody, anybody, please wake me up…….PLEASE!

    oh…thank goodness….This is just a blog and none of this really happened. It’s all going to be okay…..

  3. Wake Up Trudy when your birthday rolls around again we will have fun too! Man O Man what am I going to do with you?

  4. seems to me the one who really comes out on top ALL the time here, is possible SASSY!!! But we did have a GRAND day…but I HATE that picture! Mama Mia…:-)

  5. You are very right! And life is good, unless of course you are dealing with adult children who have a bone to pick with everything you ever did or didn’t do for them in their life…ah that is a whole other post.

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