Ticking off the Atheists

I find it incredible how rude, brash, and without foundation some of these people are, yet they just cannot seem to take being confronted with the truth,and they call us rude, brash, calling God our “fairy friend in the sky”!
I don’t know about you but I don’t picture God as a fairy…(insert eye roll here)
My friend was banned from making comments on an Atheist blog because she was talking to this person about different versions of the bible. Totally ticked off this girl and she banned her from her site and accused her of being self righteous and condescending. Our little atheist had decided to purchase a bible and read it. My friend simply stated that the version she (the atheist) had purchased was written in the King James version and that there are other versions out there that are written in everyday language and are easier to understand. I guess that our atheist is of the understanding that the KJ is the only Bible that is The Word of God? Wait…back up, she says she dosn’t believe in God? Now who is confused? Also this girl was stating how ugly this Bible was and my friend pointed out that there are a multitude of Bibles out there why didn’t she get one in a color she liked? Conversation stuff, not self righteous and condescending stuff. I can assure you that this person (the atheist) is very sarcastic in her posts on Ray Comforts blog but she cannot take my friend having a conversation with her, no sarcasm involved? It positively puzzles me. And that would be twisted to say that I am puzzled because I am so simple and can’t grasp reality.

I think walking around with your eyes closed and thinking that because you choose not to open them that everything that is there is not there is not having a grasp on reality!

Flinging Dust is the blog ID this atheist uses if any of you are interested in checking this out. Makes for interesting insight into the mind of the deceived.

As a side note; after all this my friend is no longer banned from Flinging Dust’s blog. Awwww Geeeez that was big of her…


One thought on “Ticking off the Atheists

  1. Aah, so which version is correct then? Shouldn’t the unalterable, infallible book of the lord be the same everywhere?

    More to the point: which religious book is correct? Bible, torah, Qur’an..?

    Why are you convinced the bible is correct and the qur’an isn’t?

    If you’re convinced that the qur’an is false, why would an atheist be incorrect to apply that to the bible?

    That’s the real problem with any of these things: “because my book says so” just isn’t a reason because they’re all then correct if that’s the case.

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