It’s College Folks not 6th grade!

It amazes me the attitudes of some of my classmates! Simple instructions are given and some of them act like they have been asked to do something unreasonable, and unacceptable! My instructor wants our papers labled like this:

Week #
Unit #
all of this in the bottom Right corner of the first paper.
All other papers need to be like this:

Unit #
Exercise #

Is this hard? Ahh Geezz, would any of you have a problem understanding this? Probably not, but there are some in my class who say they understand it but it is stupid and they shouldn’t have to do it that way. Waaaa Waaaaa
Our instructor is new. She came in the 3rd week of classes and our previous instructor has left to take a job in the medical field again. So these students I have mentioned are acting like junior high kids with a substitute! Yesterday they tried to tell her that the assignments due the third week were actually not due until this week. Whatever, I stated that the assignment sheet very clearly says that they were due the third week, not the fourth. This is not stuff that should be going on in a college class. I would like to knock some heads together, but alas that would be wrong and I would probably end up with a lawsuit against me!
My Instructor has stepped up to the plate though. She is very nice but she isn’t putting up with their childish crap stuff! She put them in their place today, I was proud of her. I really like her and I think she is going to be a very good instructor. As most of you know I have real hard time with Stupid and am happy that she is not going to put up with the stupid in the class!


3 thoughts on “It’s College Folks not 6th grade!

  1. I agree the “slowest” people I have ever met were in college, some of them makeing 3.5 and higher. I always wondered if rubbing those two brain cells together somehow formed a sparke. 🙂

  2. I would have to agree with your comments. I am often wondering if these are really adults in my classes or if I somehow showed up at middle school again. Good luck with your “Friends.”

  3. I actually confronted one of them today. She was being an absolute idiot. I asked her what our instructor did that was so bad. She said that she embarrassed her in front of the whole class. I told her that I had been there the whole time and had not seen her do any such thing. Everyone seemed to back way off today. I just don’t want to see this instructor not get the chance to prove herself because of a few spoiled kids. Perhaps I need to march myself into the deans office and have my say on her behalf. I don’t know that there is any plan to remove her from her position, just don’t trust this group of kids, it is something I think they would and probably are trying to get done.

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