4th of July

We had a houseful on the 4th! Michael had a blast getting to see everyone, and everyone really enjoyed getting to see and talk with Michael. The changes in him are very obvious. They are not so much on the outside, although the haircut he got a few months back certainly helped that!, but they are on the inside. He is far more aware of how his actions affect everyone around him. He spent a good deal of time making things right with Charlie, me and his brothers and sisters this last weekend. We didn’t know quite how to take that, it was unexpected to say the least. First of all we didn’t know about the things he was coming clean about, well most of them, and he even told us where things were that he had hidden that didn’t belong to him. He hid them well as I hadn’t found them myself in my search! Taking him back to the airport was hard. He didn’t want to go back but he didn’t ask to stay home. He truly wants to complete what he started and do it well. He is off to a great start. Keep praying for him, discouragement can creep in so easily. The program he is in is not a walk in the park. It is hard and demanding. The character we are seeing being developed in him is beyond what we expected after only 3 months, it is a testimony of the work of the Holy Spirit in a life that is submitted. As we all know submission is not a one time decision but a daily decision to be submitted to God and to those in authority over us. Michael is making the right choice right now and we pray that he will continue to make the right choice in the future. Thank you to all of you who have been such an encouragment to Michael and to us! We love and appreciate you more than you know!

following are some pics of the day!


2 thoughts on “4th of July

  1. Way cool, Christina and I saw Michael for like 30 seconds in the fireworks tent, but he brought up a card she sent him where she had jokingly mentioned some cheese that disappeared from our fridge while he was staying with us. He had denied eating it and so it was a running joke as my wife LOVES her cheese. However when Michael brought it up C asked him again if he had eaten it. The new Michael said “yes I did, I’m sorry”. WOW it was no big deal but to see his direct honesty was way cool.

  2. that is very cool that he came clean with you two! I didn’t know about that confession. Who knows how many people he made things right with over this break! God is doing a great work, and the evidence just keeps coming in!

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