changing from the inside out…

I just want to take a moment and talk to you briefly about what I have seen in my son. He has been gone for 3 months now. Home on pass for a few days. We really didn’t know what to expect with him on the “home turf” but hoped for the best! He is still Michael, a funny, irritating at times, teenage boy. He is not the same on the inside though. He has a tender heart of submission, he is working very hard at not breaking any of the rules set forth for him for his pass. He no longer has that “you owe me” attitude. He behaves in a manner that says “what can I do to help you?” His perspective on things has changed. Michael also really wanted to be off of all medication. His Dr. took him off of all meds today, so he goes back without them. God is incredible isn’t He? The work of the Holy Spirit in this young man is nothing short of miraculous, those of you who knew hm before he went to MNTC know what I am talking about! I will give you more info tomorrow after our day of having fun and getting to see family and friends.

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