Time is getting closer….

Michael is getting on a plane and coming home on pass for the 4th! We are looking forward to seeing him! We pick him up at the airport tonight. Stephanie will be home for the weekend also! Holly and Kelly have gone to Manhattan to pick her up and bring her home today as well! I will have all my children home under one roof for a couple of days!!! Can you imagine the amount of food I need to buy for this event? Top that off with inviting everyone to come over for the 4th and telling them I will feed them and wal-lah MASSIVE GROCERY BILL! Dosn’t matter though it is only money and these are my kids! My family and my friends! This irritating twitch will go away soon…I think.
Tomorrow we have two dr. appointments no wait three including the dentist, Stephanie has court because of the wreck (my poor car is still sick) and I have a job interview in the morning! Busy day tomorrow.
Charlie has taken off work to help with the logistics of getting everyone where they need to be. Have I mentioned that he is wonderful lately? Well he is wonderful. I really like him right now, that may change at any given moment but for now he is the best thing going!


2 thoughts on “Time is getting closer….

  1. uhmmm, It appears that your husband is sitting around playing guitar… is he just telling you he is going to help or is he just wanting some quality time with his new Taylor? πŸ™‚

  2. Well Pastor P, I just happen to like that picture of him so that is the one I used. He worked the whole day just like he said he would and is still classified as wonderful. πŸ™‚

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