Migraine is over with!

So that means that if you were to call me I could possibly be nice to you today. That is not a promise just a possibility! That headached lasted well into the night last night. I hate those! But this morning it was gone and I am very glad to be rid of it!

I complain about so many things that are really not issues but just annoyances, how about you?
I have a friend who really put things in perspective for me today though. She is the mother of a child without a brain, just the brain stem. (I am not talking about our normal children that we so often accuse of having no brains!) This child very rarely sleeps for more than an hour at a time. My friend is exhausted! She wants to get a full night of sleep, she hasn’t had one for several years now. She dosn’t have anyone that she trusts enough that is willing to step in and help her. My heart is so heavy for her. I am asking the Lord if I am supposed to step in and help in some way. She has respite services but in order to leave your child, with special needs, in the hands of someone you must trust them completely with your child, nowadays that is not an easy task. If you do not trust that person you may as well have stayed home because you won’t enjoy being out. You worry your child is not getting the care they need. On and on it goes. I don’t know what direction the Lord is going to have me go here, but I do know that we do not run into people on accident. Pray with me about this. I may be part of the solution or I may know someone who is going to be part of the solution. It will be interesting to see what the Lord does here.


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