I have my car back…sorta

My darling husband went to the place that has my car, which I have not named…yet. He still has work to do on the car, the radiator is in now though and the car is drivable now. Soooo Charlie talked him into letting us drive our car until he gets the parts in to finish the work. He didn’t want to do this, but Charlie didn’t want to come home without my car again! So he won the discussion and he brought my car to me. Isn’t he a darling? The engine light is on, I don’t know what that means, Charlie is checking the brakes, because I think I may have burned them up in the process of towing my car up and down steep hills, all the way from Joplin to Columbus, using a tow rope! But the fact is that I have my car and now I can get to church, school, the store, or wherever I need to be without asking for someone else’s car! (dancing a jig in one place, but my feet are doing this without my permission!) So thank you darling husband for getting my car back, even if it is still a little sick, at least it can now recuperate at home and go back for a check up when the car doc has what he needs to get the job done.

4 thoughts on “I have my car back…sorta

  1. Did you see the title of the “possibly related posts” under your post? Did you write that? Dear me… The language, Lanie. I can’t take it.

    I’m sorry your car is still messed up, but glad you have it back temporarily. It should’ve been done by now. You should find a new car guy. This one is icky.

    You still have not changed the name of your blog… I thought we agreed you were going to get on that right away. Something catchy, Lanie. Snappy. Something that says, “This is me.” Something without any bad words like the one above, ya potty mouth. I think, since it’s mostly about your family, it should be called “Assorted Nuts.” OR “Diary of a Loony White Woman.” How about “The Crazy Chronicles?”

  2. Well I must say that I don’t know how to get the automatically generated links off of the post. I hate it that there is the eff word on my blog and I am going to have to figure out how to get that off of there.

    as for the car guy I don’t ever want to use him again.

    And the name, well what exactly do you mean? Change my name from sassychic? I don’t know how to do that. But the assorted nuts definately fits! or the assorted nut cronicles maybe? Hmmm pondering.

  3. Sweetie–
    The nasty word is going to upset your mother… well heck…it upset me! (It’s not one of OUR words!) (everyone will be happy to know that!)

    About the car, I guess your are “sorta” blessed! LOL:-D

    About the name of your blog…I’m putting my vote on “the assorted nut chronicles”, although, you might test drive that one, see what “possibly related posts” might come up, and that is all I am going to say about it.

  4. I’ll tell you what is upsetting me is the fact that my car dosn’t run right. It hiccups as I am driving down the road, it used to be so quiet I had to rev the engine to see if it was running, not so anymore you can hear it over the road noise just fine! It over heated yesterday because the hose was not connected to my radiator! It is making me wonder if this guy is truly able to do the job on my car or if I have just lost a very good car!? Maybe the work he has left to do will take care of the problems that I am having. I truly hope so but I don’t see us using this particular guy again…and if he dosn’t make things right I am going to post his name on here!

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