Living with MR (that is mental retardation not Michael R!)

Life comes at us fast dosn’t it? We wake up in the morning with a plan for the day but so often that plan is not carried out just like we thought it would be. For my son, David, it is pretty much the same everyday. He gets up in the morning and has breakfast, gets a bath and ready for CLASS, goes to Grandma’s house to wait for his ride. He has a wonderful time with his friends for most of the day and then comes home to eat a snack, watch tv and play with his cards or the dogs or both. But with David you won’t hear him complain…not just because he dosn’t talk! He loves life, he gets tickled over the little things that we are often to busy to notice. He loves veggie tales and will watch them endlessly! If he could have a tv for each of the his tapes and DVD’s of veggie tales he would watch them all at the same time! He has them memorized and consequently so do the rest of us who live with David! He dosn’t like to have his routine upset though! He gets testy, isn’t that just like us “normal” people? David is not able to speak to us (however he is quite able to communicate with us!) this has been a source of frustration for him and for his family. He has meltdowns from time to time and I truly think it is extreme frustration at not being able to tell us what he wants or it may be his inability to make his siblings obey him! I mean he is the oldest and he does expect them to do as he says, as he is the older brother! With David everything is done with enthusiasm! When he is happy he is very happy and when he is mad…he is very mad! Blessedly most of the time he is happy!!! There are many things in our life that we can complain about, but for most of us not being able to talk or bathe ourself, fix our own meals, work a job, or make our own choices do not fall into this category. Count your blessing today, we have many. One of the blessing for this family is David!

Love God, love your family, love your friends,
Live Life Out Loud!

2 thoughts on “Living with MR (that is mental retardation not Michael R!)

  1. Yes, he is a blessing… and he communicates VERY well… you just have to know HOW to communicate with him. It is like learning another language. He is my friend.

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